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Bombay Palace takes an approach to multi ethnic cooking that celebrates the very best of Indian foods. 

Known for our delicious dishes with extraordinary combinations of flavors, delicate seasonings, full flavored spices, yogurt based marinades and complex tastes, we have been a staple

in Beverly Hills serving authentic dishes of Northern Indian since 1985.  

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Wedding           Catering           Event 

Bombay Palace offers several distinct options for private events, gatherings

and weddings all featuring impeccable food and warm hospitality.

Bombay can accommodate up to 100 guests in our romantic and vibrant space.

Or let Bombay Palace come to you. We will bring the same warm hospitality and savory cuisine along with our charcoal fired tandoor oven to impress your guests in the comfort of your home or venue. Our chef will customize a menu for any occasion that you will not forget.



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Bombay  Palace  Legacy

Bombay: The Gateway to India


Bombay, originally was made up of seven islands of lush, fertile land.

The earliest inhabitants were the Kolis or fisher-folk, which named the islands, as Mumbai after a patron deity.

The Sultan of Gujarat acquired much of these lands by the 14th Century but it fell to the Portuguese in 1534.

The Portuguese later gave Bombay to England as a part of a dowry upon the marriage of Catherine of Braganza to Charles II.

It was not until the 18th Century, following land reclamation were the seven islands joined together.

Bombay derives its unique character from its varied heritage and is still considered a patchwork quilt of Indian culture and faith.

Modern Bombay, the financial nucleus of India, has always been a magnet city attracting the young and elderly, scholars, engineers, artists, and entrepreneurs, and actors from across the country of India.

Since 1985, we at Bombay, have aspired to bring your table a menu that reflects the cosmopolitan culture

and culinary specialities of Bombay, the gateway to India.




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